Letter from Judith, Chair of the new Monze Mission Hospital Group

Monze group.jpg

During her visit to us this year, Sister Juunza spoke eloquently and convincingly of the need for a Neo-Natal Unit for the hospital in Monze. The Monze Mission Hospital Group here in Penrith has been busy fund raising to help with the creation of this unit.

Whilst Sister Juunza was with us, we had a barbecue which was very successful and raised over £1000. It has also been decided that, for the present time, all the tea and coffee money, donated for refreshments after the Sunday Masses will go into our fund for the hospital. This has raised in the region of £400 so far.

Our next venture is to give Smartie Tubes (sugar-coated chocolate buttons) to all the families with children at Sunday Mass and when they have eaten the Smarties, they will be asked to fill the tubes with 20 pence pieces to add to the fund!

We are arranging a Charity Film Night in The Haydock Centre, which is attached to our church. The proceeds from this will also be donated to the Neo-Natal fund.

The Antoomwe website is very important in helping us to understand the needs of the hospital and we hope to update it more frequently in the future.

I am confident that our parishioners will continue with their generosity and their prayers in support of the vital work being undertaken in the hospital.

Judith Bayley ( Chair of the Monze Mission Hospital Group )