The Electricity Crisis in Monze Mission Hospital 2016

When Mariana Bbalo visited us in Penrith in June 2016, she shared with us the struggles the Monze Hospital is currently facing. 

Monze Mission Hospital is struggling on with only 10 or so hours with electricity out of 24hrs.

Zambia doesn't struggle for electricity, mainly due to vast amounts of energy generated by the Zambezi river, which provides electricity to four huge hydroelectric power stations. However, as a source of income for the country, the authorities are selling off huge quantities of this power to neighbouring countries, at the cost of their own citizen's access to electricity. 

For months now the Southern Province has been managing on a rota for receiving electricity. Monze Mission Hospital is on the grid and therefore gets no exemption. 

With beds overflowing and resources short anyway, the hospital staff are busting a gut to keep their patient care up to standard without electricity. How?! How on earth do you manage to deal with emergency situations within a large hospital with no electricity? 

They do run some small (and needless to say, expensive)  generators, for essentials. 

The question is can we help? The hospital needs all our help, our money, our resources, our prayers as it is! How can this hospital - that really, should rival Manchester/Birmingham/London's hospitals over Carlisle's for size - reach levels of sufficient practices, when their resources are being burnt by generators to tide them over while the electricity is off? 


Please, pray for the hospital, its workers, its patients .... and let's keep being generous. 

Thank you for your support thus far.