Caroline Hakalinda

Sister Rose, who I stayed with in Mazabuka, contacted me in September 2016 in regards to her niece. 

Caroline Hakalinda is 17 years old, the sixth born of seven children. She's a very bright, keen student, who was unable to return to school as her family is extremely poor and live off the land in a very rural part of Southern Zambia.

Sr Rose, was hoping there might be some kind sole who could sponsor her. 

I want to say a massive, heartfelt thank you to the St Catherine's Parishioners for sponsoring Caroline -  thank you for your generosity and compassion, from me, Caroline and the whole Hakalinda family! This support for Caroline through her education could have such an impact on her life, and potentially many more; her dream is to become a nurse! If we can support her through her training, there is no reason why this dream can't materialise. One more nurse for Zambia is a wonderful achievement. 

Thank you so much!