Monze Mission Hospital

"That our patients may have life and have it to the full"

 Monze Mission Hospital

The hospital in Monze is the largest hospital in the Southern Province of Zambia. Since 2005 the hospital has managed by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit.  The hospital was opened in October 1964, four days after the Zambian Independence. It was grant-aided by Government and had an approved establishment of 24 beds. The hospital expanded in response to the growing needs of the people.

As the hospital grew, the quality of the services also improved, with specialist services offered in the areas of Gynaecology/Obstetrics, Medicine, Paediatrics and Surgery.  In 1973 the status of the hospital was raised to that of District Hospital and Monze became a referral centre for the district hospitals outside Monze as well as the eighteen clinics within the district.

With the advent of HIV/AIDS pandemic, the first identified in Zambia in 1984 services in prevention and care were provided through counselling, home-based care and peer education.

With the shortage of Zambian professionals, training of local personnel was a priority. Training of Zambia Enrolled Midwives (ZEM) started in 1968 and the training of Zambia Enrolled Nurses (ZEN) in 1971.

By early 1990s all the nurses were Zambians, as were the staff in most of the other departments. In 1994 the first Zambian doctor joined the staff. 

In the year 2000, the Hospital was given a second level status, and has since that time offered both first and second level care. 


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There are many things the hospital urgently needs in order to provide the necessary health care which is constantly growing and changing over time.  The hospital has to continue providing essential care despite the changes that it faces such as, withdrawal of donor support, a huge increase in population since its opening, the challenge of an increasing disease burden, distance no longer being a problem due to transport improvements, and an increased demand for health services as of health awareness improves.

challenges the hospital faces

One of the biggest challenges the hospital has been facing is the issue of equipment essential for the management of critical patients. The lack of equipment has been frustrating to health workers who have sometimes helplessly watched patients die because they do not have the equipment to save them

  • Renovations - 
  • Operating theatre: equipment - 

    ·      Operating Tables

    ·      Anaesthetic machines

    ·      Patient monitor

  • General wards, Maternity - 

    ·      Baby resuscitaire

    ·      Delivery beds (4)

    ·      Delivery packs

    ·      Oxygen concentrators and suction machines

    ·      CTG machine (fetal monitor)

    ·      Portable screens

    ·      Working trolleys (2)

    ·      Bedside lockers

    ·      Renovation

  •   Children’s ward



  • Expansions - School of nursing and midwifery, profit making venture of High-cost, fast-track ward, staff houses, modern laboratory, staff cafeteria


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    Children's Ward: Monze Mission Hospital is extending a request to all well-wishers to come on board and support the health of our little one who cannot fend for themselves for now. Save a child today and it will save others in future. 

    The department has a capacity of seventy-four beds. It also has a unit where severely malnourished children are nursed, and their mothers are educated on nutritional matters. This is one department which requires on-going maintenance and replenishment of equipment, but the standard has not been met due to inadequate funds.




      Senior Hospital Administration : Sister Juunza Mwangani

      Doctors : 

      Nurses : Sisters Joyce, Ronda Marcellina, Christine