James Corboy Primary School

Wassisi (teacher) with the youngest class : ages 3-5yrs

Wassisi (teacher) with the youngest class : ages 3-5yrs

james Corboy primary School, Mazabuka

The primary school was founded on 06/02/2012 by the Sisters of the Holy Spirit, when it began with only four pupils and a single building with two classrooms. The school expanded as those original students grew older and moved up the school grades. In 2013 the school received funding from Toyota to build a new block which provided the school with the space to keep up with the growth of its students. The following year the school's third block started being built, and the interiors are still being finished presently. In 2015 the foundations were laid for a building to provide education up to Grade 7.  

Overall, the school is doing very well. It now has six classes and 130 pupils. The school both provides high quality education for children in Mazabuka and revenue for the Holy Spirit Sisters. 

There is a charge for all schools in Zambia, and the price range differs. James Corboy is aiming to be a smaller and higher quality school, and the education and care for the pupils it provides is excellent. The children the attend this school, in contrast to those who attend the most basic schools in the area, are comparatively better off. However, the school intend to help out as many vulnerable children as is it can manage, in every year there are a few children who get school fees free, or very much discounted. The daughter of the school's gardener, for example, attended the school for free. 


Moving Forwards

St Crystetta hard at work in the school's vegetable patch

St Crystetta hard at work in the school's vegetable patch

There are many things this school could benefit from, some of which are really urgently required. There is also huge ambition for this projects of the sisters - the sky is the limit when it comes to James Corboy! 

Essentials for James CorboY

  • The school has not yet managed to build any more lavatory facilities, despite the development in numbers it hosts. One very small block of toilets simple isn't enough for all the children learning here. 
  • A school hall is also on the to do list, as there is no area where the students can gather, whether for assemblies or to eat.  
  • Likewise, the administration facilities haven't really grown either and the school is hoping to provide an office space for the administration team and teachers. 

Ambitions for the future

  • The dream when planning and building a hall building is to have a library and computer lab on the second floor to provide endless opportunities for better learning for the students.  
  • Ultimately, the plan is to continue the growth of this high quality education, by developing the school into a secondary school as well as primary. Although there is no land space by the primary school the sisters are hoping to be able to invest in a plot of land on the other side of the town. 
  • The school is also keen to continue providing free places for some poorer and more vulnerable children so they are also able to benefit from the high quality of the teaching.


Wanting to be a part of JAMES CORBOY Schooling project? 

    Contribute to the building of the school hall here

    Find out more information about sponsoring a child through their James Corboy education here


    Holy Spirit Sisters working at james corboy

      Head Teacher : Sister Maureen Malashya

      Administration : Sister Crystabelle