Holy Spirit Sisters of Monze

Our mission is to work among the poor: in schools, hospitals and rural clinics, visiting the sick, caring for the orphaned, assisting families with one or both parents suffering from AIDs. No matter how inadequate our facilities it is important we respect the dignity of those among whom we work.



Working among the poor in southern Zambia
Nankumo, a four year old girl sitting by the open kitchen fire, was extensively burnt when her dress caught fire.  The elders were out in the fields; no one was at home to hear her cries.  Burnt over her stomach, chest, back and thighs she was rushed to Monze Hospital. She survived! Three months of care enabled her to stand and feel the ground beneath her feet. Town or village, our work as Sisters of the Holy Spirit is with our people.

Monze, in Southern Zambia
Southern Province in Zambia is a vast grassland of many villages and a few small towns on the main route to the Livingstone Falls.  Few people have paid work, most survive by subsistence farming. Malnutrition is widespread with only the basics in schooling and health care. AIDs, affecting one in five, compounds our difficulties. The average life is only 33 years.  Our work as Sisters of the Holy Spirit is among and for these people.

The Holy Spirit Sisters
We live in families of four or six bonded by prayer, work and community life, leaving home each day to work among young and old, whatever their background or belief.

Our Areas of Work:

Monze Mission Hospital
This 274 bed hospital is the most taxing area of our apostolate.  We offer a range of medical care: General medicine and surgery, orthopaedic surgery and paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, nursing and midwifery training, HIV/AIDS care, and treatment.  Much of the funding must come from our own resources.

Chivuna Health Clinic
This 22 bed clinic, set in the rural heartland serves the Tonga people far from any town.  We face the full range of diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, pneumonia, diarrhoeas with all varieties of trauma.

Schools and Education
Our sisters work in a variety of state schools: one as a deputy head in a major high school, others as teachers in urban secondary and rural basic schools, others assisting in the emergency community schools which have grown up in response to the inadequate educational facilities especially in the rural areas.

Home Based Care and the AIDs Epidemic
Our Congregation shares in the Monze Home Based Care initiative, living & working among a people acutely vulnerable to the spread of AIDs.  We visit, counsel, provide food and a general pastoral care to combat the stigma shown to those who have the disease.  We encourage self-reliance among AIDS sufferers, families with someone suffering from AIDS and the many who are orphaned.

Parish and Small Christian Communities
We share in the faith formation of our people in their parish life and its small christian communities.  Prayer, the scriptures, visiting the sick and bereaved, care of the needy are all part of parish life and our work together.  Our outreach is to all people of different christian and traditional African beliefs.

The Future
We attract new members to our Congregation each year, young women who need grounding in our spiritual life and training in the nursing, educational and other basic skills so important for our people.  This growth is both a blessing for us and our people and a challenge to our resources.

Pray, be with us in spirit!