Celebrating the friendship between the Lancaster Diocese in England, UK and Monze Diocese in Zambia, Africa.


A bit about our website

We thank God for the generosity of our benefactor who has funded the development of the website. May the seeds sown by his kindness yield a rich harvest through our working together for the Glory of God.


Our aim is to make it easier for us to learn about each other and to work together and provide support for each other as we go through life in very different parts of the world.

We want people to share their hopes and dreams, so that we can work and pray together to bring Christ’s love and peace into the lives of people in both countries.


It is a long time since our two Bishops sat side-by-side in Rome during Vatican II. Much has happened to bring our people closer together.

On this website, we want to capture that history so that people can learn from it. We also want to tell the story of what is happening now so that people can share in it and take part in it.



The links of work and friendship between the peoples of southern Zambia and those of the north west of England stretch back almost to the middle of the last century.

Our website is dedicated to developing these links in the changed circumstances of the 21st century, searching for new and imaginative ways of prayer and mutual support.